What is a pedigree?

A pedigree is essentially a birth certificate for your dog showing the 3 generation family tree and also proves that your dog is in fact a purebred. ANKC Certified pedigrees are also recognised pedigrees with the state government and local councils for the purpose or cheaper registration and desexing exemptions.
There are two different types – the blue coloured Main Register Pedigree and the yellow Limited Register pedigree.

Main Register Pedigree (Blue)

This is the full register pedigree which allows a dog to be shown in conformation & performance events, and if there are no conditions against a dog, the dog can be used for breeding. In the state of Victoria, to hold a blue main register pedigree you must be a financial member, otherwise transfer to the Limited Register will be required.

Limited Register Pedigree (Yellow)

Dogs on this pedigree are not eligible for breeding, export or conformation shows, however the dog can compete in performance related disciplines.

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